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19:30 - 22:00 Every Monday

George St Primary School

Hemel Hempstead Old Town


Private Classes Hertfordshire

Available on request.

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Monday Night

Group Class

19:30 - 22:00 Every Monday

George St Primary School

Hemel Hempstead Old Town

£30 / Month

Private Classes Bedfordshire

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Higher grades

by invitation only. 

Black belts/


Private Classes Norfolk

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How does training work?

Traditional Loong Ying Kung Fu encompasses both the soft and hard (Yin and Yang) aspects of self defence, and you will train both of these elements. The soft side of the art is generally more nuanced, and over time, as you become more advanced, it will take on new meaning. 

A training session therefore involves strength and flexibility exercises specifically designed to increase power, coordination, balance and speed. Breathing and internal energy exercises, as well as sensitivity training are used to develop the soft, inner strength, power generation (chi), and mental calmness (shen).


Empty hand and weapon forms together with two person sets are used to teach precision and technique.

A typical training session will involve a combination of:

- Fundamentals, movement, and tactics
- Stance work and Hand Techniques
- Individual Techniques, Combinations and Partner Work
- Form work (Taolu 套路)
- Sparring (Sanshou 散打)
- Chi Kung and Power Generation
- Fitness and Conditioning


Kicking, Punching, Chin Na locking, Take-downs, Throwing, Pressure Point Striking (dim mak) and Weapons are all part of our syllabus. You will encounter aspects of each of these as you progress, with a focus on effective application of each techniques.

The current syllabus works on a grading system of coloured sashes.


Each grade will have a form (set order of techniques) to practice, as well as individual techniques, and fundamental principals based on that level.


When grading, a student will be required to demonstrate their ability to perform that form, as well as previous forms. They will need to be able to demonstrate correct use of the individual techniques, as well as their knowledge on the fundamentals.

The form grading system levels are as follows:

Red - Sib Luk Dong十六动 - 16 Movements

Yellow - Sam Tong三通过桥 - Crossing bridge 3 times

Orange - Dan Bin單鞭救主 - Single Warrior saves vital life

Green - Sei Moon Tai四門挑打 - Four Gates

Blue - Mang Fu猛虎跳墙 - Fierce Tigers Leaps over the Wall

Purple - Soy Kiu碎桥 - Destroy Bridges

Brown - Ying Jow鷹爪 - Eagle's Claw

Black - Mor Kiu龙形摩桥 - Dragon Style Rubbing Bridges



You will also learn some weapon forms to accompany the open hand forms. These weapon forms are not part of the grading, but you will learn them and focus on them at various levels.

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