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All of our instructors are fully competent and have years of experience practicing and teaching marital arts. This is critical in ensuring that students learn properly in a safe environment. The details of our instructors are given below.

Senior Instructor

Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper top

Nigel has been studying martial arts and chi kung for over 30 years and has been practising Dragon style kung-fu since 1989. His studies have taken him to both Hong Kong and China and he has extensive experience training both military and police personal.
Nigel teaches at the Hemel Hempstead class.

Assistant Instructors

Rob Needham
Rob Needham top

Rob started his martial training the early 70's learning Judo. He joined a kung fu class run by Nigel Cooper in 1983. Due to injury and other comitments he left that class in 1991 after some initial study of Dragon under Nigel and Shek Lam Shing. He returned as a founder member of the reopened dragon club in Watford (now Hemel Hempstead) in 2000.
Rob teaches at the Hemel Hempstead class.

Dominic Robinson
Dominic Robinson top

Dom has been studying martial arts since 1982. He studied Taekwado prior to learning dragon.
Dom teaches at the Hemel Hempstead class.

Previous Senior Instructor

Dom Meurier
Dom Meurier top

Dom has been studying martial arts since 1982. The practice of martial arts has touched all aspects of his life including his work as both a fitness instructor and as a professional self defence instructor. He was introduced to Dragon style kung fu in 1989 and has practiced this system ever since. From the martial arts he went on to learn the associated healing arts of Shiatsu Massage and Acupuncture. Dom now lives and teaches in New Zealand